Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jenny's Sentencing

Well today is Sunday the 30th of August, 3 more days for Babygirls sentencing :( Even though I cannot afford to take time off I will defenetly take the morning off to go to her sentencing as I don;t know when I will be able to see her again, in a couple of weeks she will be sent up north to Chowchilla and I doubt I will be able to drive all the way overthere to see her. I really am sad, and honestly scared for her pues it's gonna be more than likely 6 yrs she will be gone. May God watch over her always. I love you Babygirl! Always & Forever!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Julissa"s 5th Birthday

So here we are yet another party, when I know we should be saving every little penny we can, for we don;t know what is going to happen come October :( But then again we can't let the day go by unnoticed for our lil one. Thank God we have family that helps us out! Grampa Moises chipped in 4 the chicken, abulita Gloria bought the cake & did some rice & some jellos. I had already done some in lil spongebob cups, hence it was a Spongebob Bikini Bottom Party! Maggie did the potatoe salad & some rice. Julissa had a blast, origanally we were not going to have nada since she wanted a bike, and well we couldn't afford both a bike & a party, pero gracias a sus tios Pedro & Martina (they gace her the bike) we was able to have a lil something 4 her. She got quite a few gifts of Hello Kitty so now shes says ke pa next birthday she wants a Hello Kitty party hehehe ay estos kids!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Case Appealed

So the DA from Immigration had until August 1st to appeal our case... and they did :(
I'm so afraid of the unknown, with the crisis how it is I really wish I knew what is going to happen, if we are going to loose the case, then we really need to look for a cheaper place to live, so we can finish paying off our debts, and save some money before it happens. And if it is going to work out then not give up our place, kuz I really like it there. I will be going to see our lawyer next week to see what we need to do know. God help us please.