Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To be or no to be... to have or NOT to have.... These are def. the ?'s

Well Saturday night I was as always trying to catch up on the blogs I am following... And oh my it really got me thinking :(
Here I was Saturday morning going about my usual Saturday morning routine, took the kids to cathechism and left to see some yard sales.... I was so excited kuz I found a doggie stroller for Bimbo for only 10 bucks (what a deal) kuz it's in real good condition practically new, and those run for about 70 bucks new.
Anywho I got that and then I found some Xmas decorations, as anyone who knows me knows I really don't need any more Xmas decorations I already have tons! But ofcourse i bought them... I love decorating for any holiday, specially for Xmas.

So I go about my day....
Then there I was late at night reading the blogs when I go to Melissa's blog (Living on Refried Dreams) and there I was crying & crying.... This last post really hit me hard. I love all of her post, she writes in a way that makes me feel like I am there actually seeing with my own eyes what she's writting about, living what she's living...
So she talks on this posting about the change in life from living here in the states to moving to Mexico, she mentions how when she was here in the states she had lots of Xmas decorations and well how different todo es, how material things sgouldn't matter that much to us, and well it all got me thinking about everything, if we loose our case and have to relocate to Mex I'm gonna have to get rid of most our belongins and well I must admit that really saddens me a lot, even when I know it's just material stuff that I can do with out, and if we where to win our case :) it got me thinking how we don't need all that material stuff how even if we get to stay I need to just get rid of a lot of stuff & be happy knowing that what's really importnant is not how much you have (money wise, decorations, all that) si no what's importnant is that we are healthy and together as a family UNIDOS!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mis Kelly Ann is home Yipeeeeeeee!!!!

So here we are it's Monday Sept. 14th. The wifey is finally home! Hehehe! She got out last Friday, I can't wait to see her, after having spend 71 days together for 24hrs everyday and know not seeing her for almos 5 months, I must admit I really have miss her. It's about time I get a dose of my Kelly Ann :)~ I love you honey, can't wait to see you!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Counter Appeal

Friday evening I get home and see a package from our lawyer :)~
It is the counter appeal he filed for us, and let me tell you Alleluya!!! I've got sooo much hope now. He specefies on all the diferent ways why it SHOULD NOT be considered an aggarvated felony! Hopefully this all works for us. Please keep on praying for us. We will see when we go to our next court on Oct. 26th.