Saturday, October 31, 2009

All hallows eve...

A year ago this day I was super dupper depressed being that hubby was still detained around this time.
Thank God this time he is home with us and we where able to take the kiddos out trick or treating like past years.
Here is a couple of pix of that day!


Julian & Julissa

Me & Hubby

Girls night out!!!

So tonight hubby stayed home with the kiddos so I could go out with my buddy Eva! I wanted to go out to Paddy's but being the fact that I hadn't gone out in years I forgot to take my id with us, so they didn't let us in. We ended up going to Bombays and had a blast!

Eva ~ Coco

Eva ~ Coco

Friday, October 30, 2009

Missing my Daddy!!!

So this year was my daddy's 10th anniversary of being gone. He passed away on August 15, 1999. But due to the fact that his body wasn't found until the 17th his death certificate says his last day was the 17th. It was and has been very hard to live without him. We all miss him so much! There has been occasions when I totally feel his spirit is here with us. Like when we had our marriage blessed, I totally felt his hand on my shoulder. I know that was him.
Well here we are, a couple of days before "El Dia De Los Muertos." This is my first time doing an altar for him. I plan on making this a new tradition for our family. Here are a couple of pix:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

San Judas Tadeo

El dia 28 de Octubre, se le otorga y honra el dia a San Judas Tadeo y a continuacion les presentamos para que conozcamos un poco mas de la biografia, cronicas y vida de este Santo.

"Judas" es una palabra hebrea que significa: "alabanzas sean dadas a Dios". Tadeo quiere decir: "valiente para proclamar su fe"

Después de la Última Cena, cuando Cristo prometió que se manifestaría a quienes le escuchasen, Judas Tadeo le preguntó por qué no se manifestaba a todos. (Gran sensibilidad la de este Santo). Cristo le contestó que Él y su Padre visitarían a todos los que le amasen: "Vendremos a él y haremos en él nuestra morada" (Juan, 14, 22-23).

San Judas Tadeo es uno de los santos más populares a causa de los numerosos favores celestiales que consigue a sus devotos que le rezan con fe.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Agh!!!!!!! What's next?????????

Ok so here is how our day went, his court hearing was at 1pm. There was a few cases on for this day & that time. The 1st case was a lady who had no lawyer, they gave her another court date for Feb 2010, then after her they called this one couple who had a lawyer BUT their lawyer wasn't there, and they were all like wait our lawyer isn't here, and the IJ told them that he knew that I guess the lawyer called them the court to say he wasn't able to be there so the IJ rescheduled the next court date till October of next year! I was like hopefully they give us a next court date till then too so we can do time here, but no that wasn't our case, they called my hubby next and we were like wait our lawyer isn't here but the IJ didn't wanna hear it, he said he had reached a decision already BUT being that our lawyer wasn't here he was changing the next hearing till Feb. 2010. That he would send a letter to our lawyer in the next couple of weeks with his decision. And he knew that the other side was going to apeal but didn't give in to which side he was in favor of, wether us our them so we shall wait for another few weeks till we know. So once we get the letter and all goes well in Feb. our case will close, BUT if it doesn't go in our favor we will know in a few weeks and will be able to decide wether we will keep on appealing it or not and we will have till Feb to decide. So thank you all for having us in your prayers I will keep you all posted. God Bless you all!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Less than a week till next court...

Oh God!!! Here I am @ work trying NOT to think about our comming court date, kuz when I do I stress the h... out!!! This is soooooo frustrading, I am so scared of what will happen if we loose. Our lawyer says everything looks good, that No he can't promise me it will work out but it does look good. I tell everyone I am prepared for what ever comes, I try to seem like I'm all calm and all but who am I trying to kid!! I am a freaking wreck!!! I am so scared! Even though hubby's been out fighting his case, and working we still haven't been able to save money for we have to be paying off the lawyer fees, our car & truck, rent, bills, babysitter, all that that needs to be taken care off. Now the lawyer says worst case scenario if we loose, hubby will get about 120 days before he self deports, but what if he don't??? God I don't wanna think about that! We need to win, for our kids sake. Aghhhhh!!!!!!!! I am so stressed! So many plans that we have for our future here and now they are all on hold. God please help us!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

You and me we used 2 be together....

Awww mine & Kelly's song :)!!! So finally today after 34 days of her being out hehehe I get to see her .............
I have missed her so much, and really I can't believe it took us this long to see each other, when we do live close by.
I love this girl so much~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>
I am so glad that I got to meet her and spend all those days & nights with her ;)~
24/7 baby or more like 48/14 hehehe
Anywho the tittle to this blog is based on a song by No Doubt that we would sing to each other, and on the day that I was released she sang it to me :) I love you Kel & I will always be here for you, my lovely wifey. MUAHZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ