Saturday, November 15, 2008

Time with family...

So we went to celebrate Johanas birthday today. Notice how it's all girls except my boy. When I was pregnant from him, I would think "who is he gonna play with". Pues no avia more baby's in the family. So a little after more babies where born, pero as you can see mostly girls. In this pix estan from left to right: Julian 6, Yesenia 2, Julissa 4, Yesenia 4, and the birthday girl Johana 5. Being that Julian loves to take pictures he took this picture of hubby & me. Aren't we the cutest couple of all....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mass for El Señor Del Monte

So as promised to El Señor del Monte, we attended the mass they had in his honor today. We left the house about 10am because I wanted to get there early so I could pay my manda. Which was to walk in the rodillas. So we get there around 11:10am. There is a mass going on, so we wait around for that one to be over with. I see this lady get there with a beautiful basket with non-perishable food, and I tell her ke I didn't know we had to put the food in a basket, and that the bags of pasta I had bought for the kids to give de ofrendas was on a regular grocery bag. She tells me not to worry that it's the thought that counts, so I just have the kids walk with the bag down the aisle when its time to give the ofrendas. I know now for next time. Because trust me there will be next time, every year from now on si Dios me da licensia we will be heading out there for the yearly mass they do for him. So as we are entering I walk in on my knees, man was that painful, pero aun asi I get all the way to the altar, with my kids and hubby next to me. The whole mass was so beautiful, they had mariachi and dansantez. The father explained very well everything to be known about the Juramento and all. He was reading off the novena book, like the one I have that Griselda gave me. When it was time for the ofrendas to be taken to the front Julian was so embarrassed as it is he is very shy. Nothing like me :)~

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Sooooo here it goes, I was told by Matt that court was @ 10:30am. So I pick up my mom and brother @ 8:15 am, from there we pick up Socorro and head out there. By the time we get there it's about 10:10am. As we are getting checked in I see Matt comming out. I get very sad because I think "Oh my court is over and I didn't even get to see my honey." So Matt has a big O smile on his face and tells me "You should be a very happy woman!" So I ask what happened? He says he was able to get a bond for Isrrael, oh my God I just started crying I was so happy. My mom is all like "Ke paso mija ke dice" So we tell her and she starts crying too. We are all hugging Matt. Gracias Sr. Del Monte! Ahora si te cumplire mi promesa! So there starts our journey hahaha to try to do all we needs to do for the bond ASAP. We drive back to Santa Paula to drop off mom and Socorro, then brother and I drive to Oxnard to meet up with my father in law. We end up getting to Los Angeles at 2:10pm. We are told it's too late to process anything so we have to come back tomorrow. By the time they tell us this it's about 4 om already, so we drove back home. By the time we get home it's about 7 or 8pm.
.... Next morning at 6:00am we leave home, we get to LA around 8am. By 10:30 the bond is paid and all the paper wprk on this side is taken care off. So we drive to Lancaster, by the time we get there it's 12pm. We stop by to eat, then head out to the Metrolink. We are there from 1pm till 7pm when he finally gets dropped off there. It is soooooooo wonderful to finally be able to hug, kiss, and hold him. I really do love my baby daddy! So finally after 78 days & nights, we where able to be together again. The kids, oh the kids get so excited when they see him. In the end all this wait paid off kuz again we are all together, Gracias Diosito!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Señor Del Monte ayudanos por favor....

So here I am, just finished el novenario de el Señor del Monte. Dicen que es muy milagroso, y pos tengo Fe' en el, pues si me dieron la extension ke tanto estava esperando. Le avia prometido that if Isrrael was out by the 9th, ke es kuando le van hacer su misa that we would all go to mass in Los Angeles, and I would go de rodillas walking hasta el altar. If he is out, and if he is not we would still go to Mass and the kids would take their offering, pero I would walk in there. So let's hope for some kind of miracle de aqui al Sunday. Ayudanos Señor del Monte. Tu eres milagroso y todo lo puedes.

Waiting for that call..

So I was really hoping that today everything would be taken care off. I had spoken with Matt yesterday, and he told me it was best if I didn't go to court. That he would call me as soon as he was out of there. So this morining after I took Julian to school I went to church to go visit with El Santisimo, for a while. After that I came to work, my mom called about 9:25am to ask if I had hear anything yet. So I told her ke nada yet. Five minutes after she called Matt calls, but dummy me didn't hear the call comming in. So when I notice the call I called him back. So he says that the case was continued due to the fact that the DA really isn't happy with having the probation terminated as he has only been on it for a few months. So now we have to wait till next Thursday to see what happens. So being the chillona that I am, after I get off the phone I start crying. All I can think is that if they didn't say no, and are reviewing it 1 more week, maybe there really is hope. All we can do now is hope & keep on praying. Lord, help us please.

Nuevo Presidente...

El candidato demócrata Barack Obama fue elegido presidente de Estados Unidos este martes y entró en la Historia como el primer Africo Americano en llegar a la Casa Blanca, al derrotar a su rival republicano John McCain. Obama nació el 4 de agosto de 1961 en Hawai, de un padre negro de Kenia y una madre blanca de Kansas. Está casado con Michelle Obama. Tienen dos niñas: Malia, de 10 años, y Sasha, de siete. Obama asumirá la presidencia el 20 de enero de 2009.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trunk Treat...

So here we are, ready to go trunk or treating! This is the 4th year we go to this one church. It's a Christian Church, and what they do is they have people from their church come and park in the parking lot and they have games for the kids, then they give them candy. Beats going from house to house, here we go from car to car. The kids love it. They also have a jollie jumper for the kids.