Friday, October 31, 2008

Tooth Ache

So Maggie has a mean tooth ache. It's been bothering her since yesterday. She drank a tea that I told her to take and it went away right away. But, today it's back again. I have endured that kind of pain, so let me tell you the ones that have never felt it are oh so very lucky. Because that pain is one of the worst pains anyone can ever feel. I would put it in the same category as ear ache, and of course LABOR pain. Really really bad pain.
So the tea I gave her is made up of Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Cloves, Blackberry Leaf, Allspice, Fennel, Ginger, Cardamom, Aloe Blossoms, Gymnema Sylvestre, and Chamomile. So all morning today she had been complaining about the pain, and again I gave her another teabag, and as soon as he took the first sip, Viola! The pain is once again gone. I feel like some kind of witch LOL, Giving her some kind of potion to make it all better. Anyone ever with any kind of pain I really do recommend this tea because it does work wonders. A friend of mine gave me some onetime, when I was really anxious, and nervous and it totally calmed me down. It's from a company called Forever Living. Here is their website: the name of the tea is Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea.

Señor Del Monte

So I have been rezando la novena al Señor del Monte. Dicen ke es muy milagroso, y siendo ke es venerado en Jocotepec, y ke pues hubby es de por akellos rumbos, tengo much afe de ke el nos ayudara. I already made him a promise that we will attend the mass they will have for him for his 175th Anniversary here in Los Angeles on Nov. 9th. I just hope hubby is back home by then so the 4 of us can go and thank him for all that he has done for us.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Got it done...

So here I am, I did go thru with it. I know, I know, I had said never again would I get any man's named inked on me! But, he is not just any man, he is my husband, my babydaddy, el amor de mi vida, mi kompañero de toda la vida. So with that being said here is what I got done. You really can't tell what it is. Se ve muy blurry. But it says Isrrael. Oh I miss him so very much! Matt gave us a lot of hope, so know all we have to do is wait and see that hopefully he does get to come home soon. I really do love him.


So yesterday after work I went to the Ink place that Zack told me about. As I am driving thru the parking lot, I see this guy in the parking lot, then I realize that it is Zack! I had never seen him without his Fed Ex gear hahaha! So he tells me to go in an yell for ........... I forgot her name sowwie! So I yell for her and she comes out. All I gotta say is WOW she is such a hottie! I know I know, that is my OLD SELF talking. Anywho so I talk to her a bit, and set up an apointment to see her today. I had been considering getting my wedding band tattoed. Pero she says that the ink might run, so I am considering maybe getting hubbys name on my ring finger. Eventually I want to get something like 4 flowers that symbolize hubby, me, Julissa, and Julian. I am going to have her work on something for me. I also need to get the ones I already have either fixed, or covered. Hopefully soon I will have some pictures to post.
Gotta go kuz my appointment is in a few minutes!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dragon & The Phoenix

Read this somewhere...

The seconds will tick, the days will turn to months,
& the years will pass, but my love for you will never end.

So true! I will always love you Tirrin!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Agony & Ecstacy

.... Hmm so K visited today, we had a really nice visit. It is always nice seeing K. There's something about K that always makes me smile. We where reminicing about these past 4 years. I wish I could go more into detail, but I might regret it some day. So I will just leave it at that!!!
Those where the good old days!
What's it all about, this crazy love. How did our 2 worlds entwine.
How do I get into your life. How did you get into mine, I belong to someone else we know. Back when first we met Ohhhhh, we thought for fun 1 night together might be nice. Oh...oh...but fun turned into love for both of us. So now we pay forbidden lover's price. Oh, 'cause love like ours is never, ever free. You pay some agony for the ecstasy. Oh, love like ours is never, ever free. You got to pay some agony for the ecstasy, oh:oh:Nights when you're alone, you know that I Laid with someone else beside me Oh, but you love me still and I love you. You know I would no matter where I'd be Hey, but love like ours is never, ever free You got to pay some agony for the ecstasy Oh, love like ours is never, ever free We got to pay some agony if we wanna have ecstasy, oh...Hey, got to pay some agony If we wanna have an ecstasy, yeah And we need each other desperately, don't we, baby And I'll never from you be free, no, no So you'll have to do the leavin' me, yeah And you'll have to do the leavin' me, oh, baby' Cause I'm gonna pay the agony, yeah' Cause, oh, lovin' you is ecstasy, that's what it is And I'm willin' to pay the price, oh'Cause I'll make it a sacrifice, oh, yes, I will And I'll never, never, never, never, never, never, never be free From agony

Rey sin Reyna

Tengo un castillo sin princesa para ke luchar con los dragones si escaaste tu del cuento tengo una corona sin su altesa y unas mil y una noches de extrañarte todo el tiempo ando en busca de una lampara ke me cumpla 3 deseos para pedirle ke vuelvas ke vuelvas ke vuelvas Por k este rey esta sin reyna y doy mi vida en recompensa
ella es mi oro no me importan los cambios por tu corazon porke este rey esta sin reyna y estoy muriendo de tristesa porke a mi cuento le hace falta k lo escribas con la tinta de tu amor vuelve te lo ruego por favor porque esta rey esta sin reyna... vivo en el pais de las tristesas ke me dio sus maravillas y la magia de tu reyno ando en busca de una lampara ke me cumpla 3 deseos para pedirle que vuelvas que vuelvas que vuelvas por que este rey esta sin reyna y doy mi vida en recompensa ella es mi oro no me importan los cambios por tu corazon por que este rey esta sin reyna y estoy muriendo de tristesa
por que a mi cuento le hace falta que lo escribas con la tinta de tu amor vuelve te lo ruego por favor porque esta rey esta sin reyna

Monday, October 27, 2008

I had court today....

First of all, let me start by saying that last night I prayed, and prayed, and prayed. So this morning I was heading out to court I was calm, I knew my Lord was gonna help me out. So I get there and there is no sign of Matt, hmmm where are you Matt? You said you would be here for us...
.... So they let us in the court room, and still no sign of Matt. I go up to Jan's assistant and she tells me Jan is in trial and will not be here. So ofcourse I get skurred. She tells me not to worry as she is going to represent me. Thank God. She preceeds to tell me how much time I am requesting, and ofcourse I tell het that I am hoping for atleast 45 days, (Jan had told me if anything it would be 30 days, but ofcourse I have to aim high K-no?) So she says let's hope he gives you atleast 30.
Finally Matt getts here, he shows me a motion he filed for Isrrael. He truly went all out. I cried when I read it all. He really said it all in that 5 page letter. I hope the Judge really feels it too. So now we have to wait and see if Judge will expunge it.
Anywho so finally they call me, it is not Judge Clark; it's some other judge that doesn't know our case at all. Lord, help me please. So he tells me right off, that I have already gotten 3 extensions, what is it I am requesting now. We proceed to tell him that still no word of hubbys case, I say I want a stay till Dec 29th, know that's 2 months from know. He is hesitant and tells me that he will BUT that this is the last time I get another extension. That he doesn't want to see me in the courtroom again asking for the same thing.
Oh my thank you, thank you Lord. Now please help us out with hubbys case, please let them expunge the conviction. Let us be happy together again.

Daniel Calveti

So last night I went to the Oxnard Performing Arts Center to see Daniel Calveti, he is a Salmista and Cantante. It was organized by El Centro Evangelistico Asamblea de Dios. It was all so beautiful. I just recently heard about him, thru radio Nueva Vida. When I heard he was going to be here, I was really excited, of all the songs they play in that station my favorite one is la de En Paz Me Acostare, and he is the one that sings it. It was so great! To be honest with you I was hesitant to go, I really don't like to be out and about with just me and the kids. But I knew that it would help me out with all that I am going thru, so I decided to go. Here's a few pictures:
Daniel Calveti
It never fails, whenever I want to take video with my camera the battery dies. I wasn't able to record a lot but I did get pieces of my song :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

America vs Chivas

So here it is once more el gran Classico!!!
I am a fan de America, so there for my children will be Americanista's too! Even though their dad & grampa are Chivistas! Y aunke pierdamos en las buenas y las malas Americanistas de por vida! Ajuassssssssssssssssss!!!
Julissa says her name is America Julissa Monetete! K cute!!! While I am at this let me say hello to America, the real America hehehe!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tio Rica

So after we get home from abuelitas, the kids get all excited because Tio Rica is there. He knows Julian loves Starwars, so he bought the kids some toys! Ke lindo, gracias tio Rica!!! My kids are very lucky, mas bien they are very spoiled. Since they are the first nietos, and the first sobrinos, they have always been so spoiled by they grandparents and tios. They are very lucky!

To be or not to be...

So I get my kiddos ready and head out to SP, to go to mass with abuelita. We get there like 5 minutes late, thank God it wasn't full and we were able to find abuelita and sit next to her. After mass we head out to her house so the kids can see Cruzito & Extrellita. Here's a picture of them
Estrellita y Cruzito
While there abuelita and I start talking about religion, seems like lately that's all I can talk about :)...
So she tells me again that I am going to get confused... I tell her that I still am Catholic and do believe and love my Religion. But that going to Christian Services full fills my spirit in ways I had never felt before. I tell her I see nothing wrong with me going, as they pray for hubby and the deals we are going thru. Not that they don't in SP, because they also do. I tell her that over here they have taught me how to talk with God, not just to pray but to really have a conversation with him. I have a Bible my dad (RIP) had given me when I turned 15, and I've had it all these years, and never ever really read it. Now that is all I do, read, read, and read the Bible. I tell her that if I would of studied the Bible, and listened to Radio Nueva Vida before, that I would NOT have ever made so many bad choices I have made thru out my life. I told her I had spoken with Melba about that and she told me there's nothing wrong with me going to both services, that I was becoming a Charismatic Catholic.

Bake me a keki...

So it's Saturday afternoon, and the kids want to bake a cake. Ever since we started watching Amazing Wedding Cakes they are so into baking, and decorating. I had bought a cake pan of a doll so I figured let's try it out. I was hoping to do it after I had bought some fondue to decorate it nice, pero ya saven how it is with kids, they want things done right there and then. So we proceed. Let me tell you it was kinda messy decorating it, but in the end it didn't come out that bad for being the first time we do one. I think I will eventually take the cake decorating classes to become and expert!

Is God talking to me???

So last night as I was reading thru my Bible, I came across this section, First of all let me start by saying that I have 2 Bibles, my Catholic one that is in Spanish, and the other one called Power of the Praying Woman devotional Bible by Stormie Omartian. The reason I have 2 and I do read both is because, the English one, which by the way is Christian, has sections that show you where to go as you a feeling. So I like to look up in that one how ever I am feeling, or what ever I am going thru at the moment, and then I re read it in the Spanish one. Any who... So I read this section, where it said to pray to God, to talk to him ask him for what we need. But most important to listen, as he does talk to us, whether thru the Bible or anything around us. He will let us know one way or the other that he is listening to us. So before I went to sleep I asked him to PLEASE give me a sign, let me know that everything will be OK.
.... So the next morning I am off as my usual on the weekends, up early to make that 2 hour drive to go visit hubby. As I am driving past hubby's work place, to get on the freeway on the station Nueva Vida the lady there starts saying a verse from the Bible that goes as follows:::
"For I know the plans I have for you, " declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11
I just started crying when I heard that, is that maybe his answer to me???
Maybe just maybe.
Let's hope so!

Friday, October 24, 2008

No show at court???

So yesterday I had called my attorneys office, to see about getting put on calendar to see about getting yet another extension. I was told by Jan's assistant that she would put me on calendar for Friday morning & I wouldn't have to be there because Jan would be there. So I left it at that and prayed that I would get that extension that I so very bad need. Needless to say I called Friday afternoon to see what had happened and was told that "NOTHING HAPPENED" Why? Who knows as they told me it could have been because I wasn't there (hello!!! I was told I didn't need to be there) or maybe because no one ever told Jan I was on calendar, therefore she never showed up!
.............. So that's why NOTHING happened!!!
So I leave Jan a message telling her how desperate I am, as No word on Hubby's case yet. She emails me back telling me that I will be on calendar Monday morning BUT she doubts I will get another extension, as I have already gotten 3! Well I wouldn't of even gotten any and would be almost done with my time if none of this would of ever happened!!! So she proceeds to tell me that maybe if Matt (hubby's attorney) has anything to show for his case, that maybe something can be done.
......... So of course I call Matt to see about it. He says he will work on a motion tomorrow (Saturday, what a great guy) so we should be ready on Monday to go to Judge Clark and see about both my case, and hubby's! All I can do know is pray, and pray and pray!
......... Can't wait for Hubby to call me so I can tell him the news about Mondays court!

Is one Religion better than the other???

So yesterday I went all crazy with craigslist again & started posting some of my stuff. It sucks not knowing what's going to happen. Because I don't know what I should really get rid off, or even if I should get rid of anything. I am not about to sell my stuff for pennies, that is the # 1 reason why I didn't do a yard sale, because people who go to yard sales & I do say this from my own experience expect things to be really cheap. And I am not about to sell my stuff for cheap. It's all stuff that we have worked very hard to be able to have. If we are able to stay here, or we do end up going to Mexico, I am going to need my stuff. Hello!! We are going to still live somewhere K no?
So anyways back to my story. So this lady emails me about this one offer, & I email her back. On my signature from my email right under my name I have this saying:::
***Lord, Give me the kind of Faith that can move mountains in my life***
Matthew 17:20

Now the lady answers my email back by asking me this:::

Thank you. You are a Christian? Where do you go to church?

So here is the thing I am trying to get, I have also done this in the past. Now that I have been going to Christian services I see where this comes from. I have also caught myself asking people if they are Christians just by talking to them. You can totally tell by the way they talk. The voice is much calmer, their words much nicer. Why is it that us Catholic people don't use any Bible verses at all through our daily living? Why is it that Christians do? I am trying hard NOT to compare both religions, as I know that there is no right from wrong, as far as what religion you are. As it is the same God above all. But reading the Bible does help you open your eyes, see really the good from the bad. And learn to live the way He wants us to live. Now I keep on stopping myself from doing lots of things that I never even considered before as sins. It has really opened my eyes. Now I must say this I am Catholic, I was born and raised Catholic. Both my kids are baptized Catholic. I love both the churches I have attended. The Guadalupe Church that I grew up attending, and San Buenaventura Mission, that I now attend. But I also do love going to the Christian services on Thursdays. My mom says they are going to confuse me. I must say that I feel very comfortable in the Christian church, at the moment with everything I am going thru it helps me a lot. Como dice Jacinto eso es lo que me llena de espiritu. I have learned how to talk to God, how to thank God for all that he has given me, and specially how to accept everything that is coming my way.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

En Paz Me Acostare

I love this song! It's from a verse in the Bibble
Salmo 4: 8-9
En paz me acostaré
Y así mismo dormiré
Porque solo tú Señor me haces vivir confiado.
En paz me acostaré
Y así mismo dormiré
Porque solo tú Señor me haces vivir confiado.
Porque solo tú Señor me haces vivir confiado.
¿Quién me libra del temor?,
Quién me quita la ansiedad
Si no eres tú?
¿Quién me abraza con su amor?,
Quién me da de su perdón
Si no eres tú?Señor…
En paz me acostaré
Y así mismo dormiré
Porque solo tú Señor me haces vivir confiado.
En paz me acostaré
Y así mismo dormiré
Porque solo tú Señor me haces vivir confiado.
Porque solo tú Señor me haces vivir confiado.

Well where to begin...

Should I start 32 yrs ago when I was born? Or 13 years ago when I met hubby?
Well I guess from the beginning, but not all detailed
or I will be here 4 ever & ever and ever...
I was born 32 yrs ago to a wonderful couple my momma and my papa!
When I came into this world they already had Jenny. She is 4 years older
than me. Two years after I was born, brother
Juan Carlos was born. This is a picture of him
when he was hmmm I think maybe about 3.
Seven years after Juan was born my mom got pregnant. I remember the night hew was born, I was only 10 yeras old. But I do remember she was was walking back and forth while watching the novela. Don't remember what novela she was watching. Then we went to sleep, and next morning when we woke up she was gone. So daddy took us to the hospital, and thru a windo we were able to see him. He was the only newborn with hair the other ones were baldies. LOL. We got to choose his name and we decided on Oscar, daddy wanted Jesus, so mom named him Oscar Jesus. Here is a picture of him.
I believe he turned 5 here. I actually baked the cake.
... Years later in 1995 I met my hubby.
We met in April of that year & moved in together soon after. We got married in 97.

In 1999 my father died, that was one of the worst days of my life.
Jose Trinindad Manzo
06/14/47 - 08/17/99

In 2002 we had our firstborn Julian Jasiah. It took us seven years to be able to get pregnant. So finally when I came out we where really excited. I had been in treatment for 2 months y nada de nada. Hubby went to Mexico for 2 weeks, so I didn't take the treatment the 3rd month. Kuz I figured he's gonna be gone 2 weeks, no need for treatment. So he was back on Oct. 5th. Around Oct 27th I started feeling ill. I had a sharp pain on my side. I tought maybe it was my appendix. So I went to the Doctor to get checked, and holly behold! I was told I was pregnant! Wipeeeee!!!
This picture of Julian was taken, when we had our marriage blessed. Isn't he a cutie??

So two years after Julian was born we had our daughter Julissa Monet. She was born oh so tiny, pero a como a crecido! She too was a blessing, because I thought I was only gonna be able to have 1 child, because I keep on telling God to please bless us with a child eveb if it was only one. So when I found out I was pregnant again. I was so excited. Here is a picture of her

This picture was also taken on the day we had our marriage blessed. She totally is a mini me! Es tan corajuda, and oh my gosh than gritona, and she slams doors and all. I really have to work with her pa ke no sea tan asi. Mom always told me ke one day I would have my own children y todo lo ke e echo I will end up paying for. How skurry is that!

On June 16 2007 we had our Marriage Blessed.

Now other than when our children where born this was one of the most happiest days of my life!!!I had waited all my life for this day. Even though it was a extremely happy day for me, it was also a very sad day as my daddy wasn't here physically with us. But I know his spirit was there as it always is.